Free Printable Father's Day Tags & Picture Idea

Monday, June 9, 2014

Looking for quick Father's Day gift ideas? I have two perfect solutions for you today. One is a simple picture idea that can be done with kids or even animals. I am sure you have seen variations of this idea all over Pinterest. 

Can't think of a larger gift for Dad this year? Then the second option is perfect. Create a gift basket thanking Dad for the many things he does for your family. I have am giving you free printable gift tags to attach to each little gift. I have some ideas for your basket below.

Picture Inspiration
Grab the camera, some paper, and your kids for this next gift. It's a super simple way for the kids to tell Dad (or Grandpa) why they love him. In Kris' basket was this framed picture for his desk. You can even have the kids make Dad a frame to go with it. There are so many variations of this idea all over Pinterest. This is how ours came out:
No surprise, I went with an Orioles-themed picture.

Thank You Note Tags: 

Last year, I gave Kris a giant Dad-themed basket. Each item related to something that Kris did for Carl. Attached to each gift was a little gift tag with a thank you note to match. By creating a gift basket, I was able to find lots of little things that reminded me of all of the wonderful things he has done as a father. 

Here are a ideas for a basket from a little one: 
My favorite from last year was Carl's footprint on the baseball. Tiny baby feet are so cute!
This year's big gift: a new Orioles Jersey. 

Some other Examples: 
iTunes Gift Card - "Thank you Daddy for singing to me."
Personalized Coffee Mug - "Thank you Daddy for all of the late nights you have spent rocking me to sleep."
Children's Book about Dads - "Thank you Daddy for reading to me." 

It was so much fun coming up with little gifts that had a special meaning behind them from Carl and Cosby. If you have older kids, they could help come up with their own ideas to make it even more special. 

At the bottom of this post, I have shared with you a PDF of the labels. All you have to do is cut and print. I used a hole punch and ribbon or tape to attach the tags to the gifts.  Here is what the basket looked like all wrapped up. of course, I didn't think to take a picture of it before I wrapped it.

Download Instructions
  1. Click on the image below or click here.
  2. Click on File.
  3. Click on Download.
  4. Save in your desired location. 
  5. Obtain the password from Facebook. To download the prints, you need the password from Facebook. Simply Like Hand Me Down Mom Genes, click on the Pink Fans Only Ap, and retrieve the password. The Fans Only link is located on the left-hand side about half-way down the page under Aps or at the top of the page just below the  cover photo there are the following tabs: About, Photos, Likes, and More. Click on more and it's the first option, Printables Password. 

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  1. Sooooo cute ...ours would be Yankees, though LOL! Used to be Orioles when Cal Ripken played there. His dad coached my husband in the minors many years ago (Cal was just a little tyke) Sharing this and pinning too. Thanks so much for coming to my blog hop!

    1. Thanks so much for co-hosting another great blog hop! That's so awesome about your husband - my husband will be jealous! :)