20 Inspirational Playroom Ideas

Friday, July 18, 2014

We are really blessed in our house to have the space for a playroom. It’s a first floor master bedroom with a bathroom and small walk-in closet. Since we wanted to be on the same floor as Carl, we opted to stay upstairs. The only problem with our playroom is it is completely bare (except for the billions tons of toys). I’ve got nothing on the walls and none of the furniture matches. Since I was bed rested half-way through my pregnancy, I told Kris I wanted to hold off on decorating the playroom until I could help. Of course, here we are 19 months later, and nothing has changed (oops!)

So now I have started the fun of looking up playroom ideas. I am in constant awe of the creativity of my fellow bloggers. They have come up with the greatest ideas that I am not even sure I am skilled enough to recreate (thankfully my parents are though, just kidding Mom :)).

So today I am sharing with you 20 playroom ideas that have inspired me. The best part is, these ideas can be used in kid’s rooms and classrooms, too!

Seriously, could the tiny little stage set up be any cuter? I already have the expedit shelves so this is definitely in the running (but I will probably wait until Carl’s a little older, right now he’d use them for peek-a-boo).

I love this idea for any small storage. It’s such a simple and easy way to organize small toys.

What child wouldn't want to have their art on display in such a fancy way? It definitely has one up on the fridge.

I love when people add awning to their playrooms. It looks so cozy. This is one of my favorite examples.

I have to admit, we’re never going to be crafty enough to make these. But I just had to share them.

All you need is a magnetic knife holder like this one from Ikea.

This is another wonderful way to store small cars.

No need to borrow or purchase an old overhead projector. This looks easy enough that maybe even I could do it!

I couldn't pick just one thing. The tent, the polka dot ceiling, the chalkboard wall! I love it all.

I mean – come on. How can some PVC, fabric, and a little bookcase turn into something so adorable?

This image has become so popular for a reason, it’s amazing. 

Carl would love to pretend he’s just like Daddy.

This preschool is adorable. My favorite item in the room is the curtain rod in the corner creating a book nook.

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  1. These are some cute ideas! My girls and I will be moving soon, so I may have the opportunity to put some of them to use! Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. You should go check out my latest post (And The Award Goes To...)! I think you'll be surprised!

    1. Thanks so much Chelsea! And a special thanks for the nomination!!

    2. Neat ideas! I am always on the hunt for organizing ideas for my girls' stuff, especially their craft supplies.

  2. I am in love with the car garage!!

    1. Me too! My son loves cars so we will definitely be using one of the car garage ideas!

  3. These are all so cool! I love the book storage ones the best (go figure) and the market, board game storage, and preschool. Just wow! to all these lovely creations you've found! :)

    Stopping over from Wake Up Wednesday!

  4. pinned all of them...maybe one day I will finally have a house and my kids will get a nice room.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and pinning Loris!