Free Nursery Prints Pt. 2

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I love Nurseries and little kids rooms - I think they are so much fun to decorate. I find myself looking at and pinning ideas for our nonexistent other children (we're nowhere near ready to change Carl's room).  

About a year ago, my Mom asked me to create some prints for her friend who was designing an adorable nursery in gray, lime green, turquoise and orange. The color combination was so much fun to play with (which is why you'll see various versions of the same prints). They own Yorkies so I decided to add a personal touch by creating prints with a Yorkie silhouette. 

In addition to the colorful prints, I also created a Red Sox Print using Skip Hop's Owl from Treetop Friends. Even though we're die-hard Orioles fans, I set aside our differences to create some adorable Red Sox Owls for her nursery.Continue reading to see the adorable prints. 

Just like all of my other printable posts, please download the prints at the end of the post. If you right-click and save, you will be disappointed by the grainy pictures with my watermark.

Note: Most of these prints are square in size (I love square prints - they make the prints more unique). They were created to go with my favorite Ikea frames . When you send them to be printed, know that you are going to have a large white space at the bottom of the print you will have to cut off yourself for the square frames. For example when printing an 8 x 10, do not have the print "fill the space" because it will distort it or cut off part of the print. Instead, upload it as is and it will just have an extra 2 inches of white at the bottom of the print for you to cut off. The gentleman prints I created for her later and they are standard dimensions. 

Here's a quick look at all of the prints available for download:


Download Instructions

  1. Click on the image below or click here.
  2. Click on File.
  3. Click on Download.
  4. Save in your desired location. 
  5. Obtain the password from Facebook. To download the prints, you need the password from Facebook. Simply Like Hand Me Down Mom Genes, click on the Pink Fans Only Ap, and retrieve the password. The Fans Only link is located on the left-hand side about half-way down the page under Aps or at the top of the page just below the  cover photo there are the following tabs: About, Photos, Likes, and More. Click on more and it's the first option, Printables Password. 

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