Spring 7: Peter Rabbit

Today I am bringing you another classic spring book. I love Beatrix Potter and her adorable Peter Rabbit. If Carl had been a girl, I was leaning towards a Beatrix Potter nursery. This book is perfect for Easter time - there are so many wonderful rabbit crafts you could do to go with this book. I was really excited to find some great resources on Nick Jr.'s website since they now have a Peter Rabbit cartoon. And of course, the ever-so-popular bunny butt pancakes would make the perfect start to a Peter Rabbit themed day! Enjoy!

(you can view the book for free on WeGiveBooks.org)
 Ages: 3 and up
Topics:  gardens, rabbits, actions and consequences, mischief, scarecrows
Worksheets and Activities

Lots of Activities from the Peter Rabbit Website including:

Character popsicle stick puppets or cut outs, story retelling or sequencing cards, colors, draw a garden, planting seeds, harvesting, footprint match, all about me, letter writing activity, song, rule activity, capacity lesson, bunny food snack ideas, and a fruit and vegetable activity.


Food Crafts

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