Spring 14: Diary of a Worm

I love Doreen Cronin's Diary stories! They were always a favorite of my students as well. In this adorable tale, readers get to head below the dirt to see the comical, make-believe life of a worm. What's your favorite day in this story? I love when the worm stands in line all day to say hello to the 600 ants and when he eats his own homework. 

Book: Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin
Ages: 4-8
Topics:  worms

Worksheets and Activities

W is for… Packet Learning with Mrs. Parker (You have to sign up to get this packet, but it’s definitely worth it. It has free reading, writing, and math activities).

Activity Packet from Pitner’s Potpourri (includes sequencing, cause/effect, etc.) 

Worm Packet by First Grade Blue Skies (again, this is all Earth worm related. There are tons of activities. My favorite one is the comparison of Earth worms to people).

Speech Bubble and Quotation Marks Worksheet by Wise Owl Factory (Earth worms but would work well with the story)


Food Crafts
Unfortunately, there are not many worm food crafts around (hm… wonder why :)). So they’re the same as Are you Ready to Play Outside?

Worm Ice from Martha Stewart (great to add to water or juice)  

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