H is for Haunted House Activities

The Free Online Book is located here:
H is for Haunted House by Tanya Lee Stone
If you haven’t visited www.wegivebooks.org yet, you have to! It’s a great source of free books that you can use with your Whiteboard or students can use a computer station.

I am providing you with a variety of activities to go with this book. One of the activities is an Activinspire Flip chart. It may also be compatible with the Smartboard software.

“H” is for Haunted House Activity

There are multiple ways you can assign this activity. You can:
  •  assign one letter to the entire class (if you are working on a specific letter)
  • give a few letter choices to students (the letters you have learned this year)
  •  let students pick any letter
  • assign a letter to each student

When they are done, bind your students’ pages together to make a class book!

Write the chosen letter in the top left box. On the line, write a Halloween word that starts with the letter like in the book. Draw a picture representing the letter/word.

If you give students the page with the lines underneath, students should write a description of how the word relates to Halloween like in the book.

Math Connection
If you want to connect this activity to math, have students write a number inside of the top left box. Then on their line, let them write a Halloween noun (such as pumpkins, bats, cats, spiders, etc). Then students can draw the number representing in the box of that item (such as 6 pumpkins, or 8 bats, etc).

Word Sort Activity

 This is a simple activity where students cut out the words and sort them by the initial letter. 

Rhyming Activity

This is another simple activity where students cut out the words and sort them by words that rhyme and do not rhyme with the word bat. 

Pattern Activity

Given a sheet of characters from the story, make copies and pass them out to students. Students use the characters to make four patterns. 


To Download
Click the links below to download the files. After the file opens, go to File, Download (or CTRL + S).

Files to Download

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