Sight Word Cheers

This is an activity shared by my county at a in-service. I think it's a great activity that any teacher or parents can use in their classrooms. 

I thought I would start off my sharing adventure with my favorite part of the school day. Sight Word and Spelling Cheers. This is an activity we use across all of the grade levels. In the younger grades, we use Cheers with Sight Words. Some of our older grades use this with Spelling Words. I send this activity home with students at the beginning of each school year. It is an easy activity parents can do with their children at home. Not only does it get them practicing their sight and spelling words, but it gets them up and moving. Students sit so much so any chance we can get them up and moving I am a happy teacher!

In this activity, students use a variety of methods to “cheer” the spelling of their words. Using a word wall or a poster with the weekly spelling words, students stand up and “cheer” the words in an unique fashion. They could be pretending to throw a baseball or catching a wave. The students spell the word aloud providing an action with each letter.

For example, let’s practice the word “there.”

Using the baseball method, students would complete the following actions paired with the spelling of the word. Students always start and end by cheering the entire word aloud

Cheer: There
Cheer: T (pretend to throw the ball with your right hand)
Cheer: H (pretend to throw the ball with your left hand)
Cheer: E (pretend to throw the ball with your right hand)
Cheer: R (pretend to throw the ball with your left hand)
Cheer: E (pretend to throw the ball with your right hand)
Cheer: There (pretend to swing a baseball bat)

Then they would move onto the next sight or spelling word with the baseball cheer. After we have practiced several of the words from our list, we select a new method for cheering the word. Then we would cheer the words again. In some classes, they use all of the words on the word wall. In other classes, the teachers only cheer the new words for the week (which they place in pocket charts or on the Whiteboard). 

At first, you may feel silly doing these cheers with your students. I promise that you will quickly learn to tolerate love them. They are an educational movement break. In addition, they can become part of your every day reading routine. I don’t know about you – but I love routines. Let me know what cheers you and your students come up with. I know the other teachers reading this would also love to hear some new cheer ideas! 

Tips for Using the Files
I have provided you with the basic starter kit for Cheers. They only needed to be printed once. They should be laminated for longevity of use. 

The first four files can be printed, e-mailed, or uploaded to a class site for parents. If you are a parent, grandparent, day care provider, etc. these are great to use at home, too!

To Download
Click the links below to download the files. After the file opens, go to File, then Download (or simply hit CTRL + S).

Sight Word and Spelling Chant Starter Files

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