10 Perfect Gifts for a One-Year-Old from BRT

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

While talking to my friend today, she asked me if I had any gift suggestions for her daughter’s upcoming first birthday. I thought since I was putting a list together for her that I would share it with you, too!

My son was unfortunately born right before Christmas so when we created his birthday Wish List, we had to add items that would last him the year.  Some of the items he got we won’t use until this summer. I suggest asking for (or giving) items that are for ages 12-22 months so that you can spread the toys out throughout the year. When they get bored with their current toys, you can add in something new.

95 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

When I started to purchase things for my son's Easter basket last year, I was at a total loss of what to buy. Everything in the Easter section was either candy or toys for older children. I remember spending hours time strolling through Target looking for things that would fit into his basket. I don't know about you, but for me, filling an Easter basket for a 3 month old was difficult. This year, I had too many ideas. I couldn't even fit it all into Carl's basket! So I thought I would share with you Carl's finished Easter basket. As a bonus, I have included a free printable list of 95 basket fillers for babies and toddlers!

I found most of Carl's items at Target (in the dollar section!) and online at Amazon. His basket is my Easter basket from when I was a child. It's the only real non-girly item I was able to pass down to him (not sure he'd be too crazy about my Samantha doll). 

What's inside of your child's Easter basket this year? I would love to hear some more ideas so I can add them to my list!

Easter Egg Tickets from BRT

There's a pack for parents and teachers. Both sets have a sheet of blank tickets to make your own. Download at Bed Rested Teacher

Looking for an alternative egg filler for your Easter egg hunt? Want to add something special with your candy this year? Can't use candy at school but still want to have an egg hunt? We'll I've got the perfect solution for you, Easter egg tickets! These adorable little tickets that are the fit perfectly folded up in a plastic egg. Each ticket has a prize for the child written on it (ex. dinner choice, movie night, homework pass, etc.)

There is a set for parents and teachers. With each pack, I have included a page of blank tickets for you to write in your own prizes. For teachers, I included an entire sheet of homework pass tickets (in case you want to make sure everyone wins the same prize).

What other non-candy items do you put in your Easter Eggs? What items would you add to the blank tickets? I would love some more ideas so I could put out another set for others to use. 

Springtime Bucket List from BRT

Free printable activity cards and postersNow that Spring is finally here, I can't wait to get outside with my little guy and partake in some Spring activities. There is always so much hype around fall and winter activities, I feel like Spring is often forgotten. I have come up with 40 different activities that are perfect for making family memories this Spring. Let me know how you celebrate Spring so I can add them to my list!

Free for you today is a printable poster and activity cards. When your kid is bored this weekend, you can have them pick out an activity to complete (if you're watching Netflix busy, only give them the cards that they can complete independently). In addition to my ideas, there is a blank page for you to add your own items. Enjoy!