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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

As you may have noticed, our family is a little obsessed with the Orioles. Carl has quickly become the biggest little Orioles fan around. His greatest obsession right now is his Orioles hat from Fanatics, which he asks to wear all day so that he looks just like his Daddy. 

Carl's love stems from my husband, Kris (I love them, too, but nobody loves them like Kris). The Orioles and Kris go hand-in-hand. He has had season tickets, sitting in the same seats, since Camden Yards opened. No matter if it was a winning or losing season, he has stuck with his team. One of our first dates was to an Orioles game...

We played "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" at our wedding, his Dad-to-be gift was a set of 2 old seats from our section at Camden yards, and of course, this was our baby announcement (which you may have already seen if you saw our nursery tour)...

On Opening Day, we have already started a tradition. We take a picture of Dada and Carl in their Orioles attire before Dad heads off to the game. When Carl is old enough, I have already promised him that he will be "sick" that day at school. 

There was no surprise that when Kris' work threw him a baby shower, the majority of the gifts were Orioles and baseball related (with some Raven's in there, too).

Carl learned about the Orioles and baseball from birth. His coming home outfit included a hat with a baseball on it (he would have come home in Orioles clothes if it was up to Kris, but I demanded something cutesy).

His first photo-shoot featured his Orioles banner. 

And his monthly photo shoots continued the Orioles-theme.

And he was often wrapped in one of his many adorable Orioles blankets (that people custom-made just for him!)

As he got older, he was often in Orioles clothing.

And Mommy posted silly pictures of him crying; stating that he was upset that it wasn't Opening Day yet (this was his balding stage... he should have been wearing his hat all of the time then). 

Some more Orioles gear...

He even made sure to wear his Orioles jacket and bib when he went looking for pumpkins.

And when he broke his ankle, they asked us what color cast he wanted. Of course he picked out...

Our little man has already become the biggest Orioles fan. He loves to play with baseballs, is obsessed with his Orioles bat, goes nowhere without his hat, and just last week he got black, gray, and orange tennis shoes. And we love it when he helps Dada cheer, "Let's go O's!" 

And in case you missed this post, Carl's nursery is all Orioles. Including some prints that I custom-made for his wall (download one for free below), an Orioles clock that hung in Dada's room as a kid, and a custom-made Orioles rocking horse from his Aunt and Uncle. Just recently he was handed down his great-grandpa Jack's Orioles pennant to hang in his room!

So although Carl may only be 18-months-old, he has already become the biggest little fan. He will forever shout "O" during the National Anthem, dance to "Thank God I'm a Country Boy," wear Orange and Black, and believe in Orioles magic.

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If you would like to download a FREE copy of the Orioles National Anthem print (shown below) I made for Carl's nursery, click here.

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